Research Rules

As adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society, the following standards will apply to all applications for research on any of the properties owned or controlled by the Society. The Board may, at its discretion, waive any of these requirements on written request of researchers, for reasons documented by those researchers. No research is permitted without an official permit. For all matters concerning research, send an e-mail to Research.

  • Proposers will submit by e-mail an electronic copy of each proposal to facilitate peer and scientific committee review. .pdf or .doc format is preferred. If electronic submission is not possible, 5 paper copies may be submitted.
  • Except in unusual circumstances, a period of 3 months will be necessary for research proposal review, including peer review.
  • Proposals will be written in accepted scientific format with full research designs, references, citations, and complete descriptions of all methods and equipment. Proposals will include all hypotheses and goals as well as a projected timeline.
  • Proposers will submit resumes with qualifications for doing the research or, for students, letters of support outlining supervision procedures from supervising faculty.
  • Proposers must agree to furnish BSPS with a complete copy of all reports listing all findings and copies of all published materials resulting from research on our properties. Standards and formats for reports will be determined on an individual basis. For projects more than six months in length interim progress reports will be required. Photographic documentation and/or copies of field notes may be required for some research. Submission of reports in both hard copy and electronic format may be required.
  • Non-destructive research is encouraged. Destructive research will be permitted only in exceptional circumstances when the knowledge to be gained is significant and no other means of obtaining the data is possible. No research which could negatively affect threatened or endangered species will be permitted under any circumstances.
  • Any research involving endangered animals will require first, preliminary approval by the Board, second, written approval of NYSDEC, and, finally, final approval by the Board.
  • Proposer must agree to observation of all research activities on BSPS property by a person appointed by the BSPS Board or property committee, if BSPS so desires.
  • BSPS reserves the right to assign projects and researchers to particular areas, properties, seasons or times, as appropriate for the particular research.
  • BSPS must receive mention and credit in any publication resulting from research on our properties.
  • Researchers must agree to professional, non-destructive standards of behavior for all members of the research team while on BSPS properties. This includes adherence all rules and regulations except as specifically waived by the Board in the research contract.
  • All researchers will carry identification cards issued by BSPS identifying the person and research project, whenever engaged in research on BSPS property. All equipment and flagging will carry the identification of the research project. (Unauthorized or unlabeled equipment and flags are removed without notice; unauthorized personnel will be prosecuted) Unless permission is obtained in writing from the BSPS Board, all research equipment must be removed by the researcher within 6 weeks of project completion.
  • The Board of Trustees reserves the right to cancel permission for research in progress if it is determined that researchers are not following protocols or if property damage is occurring as a result of the research.
  • All researchers will be expected to follow biosecurity protocols as determined by the BSPS Board of Trustees for the particular project.

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